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EXTRA THINGS – Why Are Men Fascinated With Accessories?

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men's fashion accessories
For issue 09 of our print, D’SCENE Magazine’s Contributing Writer QUADE AU explores how men gradually fall in love with accessories, but also why’s it easy to sell the same to men,  and defines the accessorising term.
As men, we have for a long time been afraid to stray outside the standard expectations of appearances. We have continually told our female counterparts that we do not really care about what we look like and have even convinced ourselves that having a decent closet will somehow damage our masculinity. But as we carefully sculpt our hair into the perfect quiff each morning and wash our cars every other weekend – there is, and always has been an innate desire to be handsomely acknowledged. Yet when it comes to clothes – most men shy away from dressing unconventionally and simply stick to what they know or rather to what everyone else wears.
Men whom have aged into their early thirties tend to quickly evolve their individual style into a uniform that predominantly consist of button down shirts and shaded pants. It is the standstill moment for modern men who unknowingly find themselves in an age where they are too young for loafers and too old for skinny jeans – it is the time when well dressed folk begin to indulge in the extra luxuries of life, accessories.
One good pair of leather shoes could last a lifetime and be worn over and over again but the novelty of a man’s accessories is continually rotating into the new. We own different watches for different occasions and even invest in a variety of cufflinks to distinguish the class appeal of our black and white suits from everyone else.
The wardrobe of a well dressed man can typically be versatile and other than size issues men could very well easily share one closet of staples for their everyday and not be too distressed. Yet despite menswear staying relatively consistent throughout the years, styling to the credit of accessories tends to change with each new season. There was once a time where ombre sunglasses were the vogue of dapper men and in an instance soon after vintage grandfather shades took the front page of attention.
Accessories sell well to men – we no longer purchase a belt for the sole sake of holding up our pants anymore – nowadays we carefully inspect the colour, strap and price tag as if it were jewellery. The infamous Off-white yellow belt that is currently trending at the moment serves the same purpose as any faux leather equivalent found in a commercial department store but the guilty pleasure of owning such an accessory does many things to a man’s humble ego. We believe that by owning a trending belt or by buying a new skinny tie it not only completes an outfit but also ignites some sort of vitality in our stable wardrobes, almost as if these little commodities fashionably make us more noticeable.
Similar to the term colour blocking, accessorising had long been something men morally avoided for their robust image- and even though accessories still have a feminine undertone they are now the pieces of wear that men will seemingly always appreciate. There was a point in time where watches and wallets were the only acceptable accessory men would admit buying too- where a naked wrist represented lacking power and a withered wallet showed low finances. Yet now as society progresses into an age of gender fluidity- men are unashamed in wearing accessories. If the man sitting next to you in a restaurant was wearing leather bracelets and a sculpted ring with a messenger bag at his feet- you would probably not look twice, but perhaps ten years ago the stigmas attached to such things would shamefully accuse a man of many things.
Accessories no longer necessarily represents one’s manliness or worth but now simply act as the final appeal of a man’s look. They are the extra things in life that no one necessarily needs but indulgently wants – men do not yet have the luxury of wearing innovative designs like women do and no matter how creative designers become a blazer will always be just a blazer – but accessories being the after thought of clothes tie an outfit together and showcase a somewhat status symbol and self care to onlookers.
There is no real purpose to the tie clip and graphically designed socks are just as relevant as silk scarves but our affinity to accessories help separate us from the rest of the monochromatic pack- and to be perfectly honest they are the retail weaknesses that men enjoy purchasing. Buying a new shirt is not nearly as enjoyable as it is to shop for a new leather brief case – and much like how a beige trench coat can automatically make someone appear fashion conscious- the correct coordination of accessories can elevate a man from being casually dressed to looking like a well groomed gentleman.
men's fashion accessories
People once laughed at the idea of wearing shoes with no socks and now years later it still remains a trend that people commonly partake in. Slowly the scrutiny of men dabbling in accessorizing for themselves will surely pass the same way and the future of menswear will hopefully further away from the norms of tailored jeans and Ralph Lauren polos – but till then, well dressed men will still properly pair their attire with the right kind of luxury- their accessories. The good things in life and now unashamedly in our wardrobes.
Words by Quade Au –
Photographer: Igor Cvoro – @igorcvoroStylist: Stefano Guerrini – @stefano_guerrini
Production: Katarina Djoric – @katarina.djoric
Casting: Zarko Davinic
Grooming: Mimmo Di Maggio at Freelancer
Models Jhona Burjack at URBAN Models Milano

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ARCHITECTURE: Designing Your Home? 4 Must Haves

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Designing Your Home
Whether you are designing your home from scratch and building the whole thing from the ground up, or you’re renovating an existing building, the process for the interior and the ‘extras’ that you will want is the same. You should decide what it is that ought to have priority within your home and ensure that those things are definitely included. So what should those things be?
Here are some of DESIGN SCENE Magazine’s suggestions to make your new home absolutely perfect.


In the past, these cameras detracted from the overall look of the exterior of a home. Today, however, security cameras don’t have to be an eyesore; they can look attractive and still be entirely functional, giving you utter peace of mind when it comes to keeping your home safe. Choosing the right security camera means that you can protect your home from unwanted visitors whether you are there or not. Home security systems are something that everyone should consider.
Due to the versatile design of security camera’s the functionality as well as the aesthetic of your interior design, as well as exterior does not have to suffer.
Designing Your Home


If you love to listen to music, then you should certainly look at whole home audio systems. These fantastic systems mean that you can listen to music anywhere in your home, making the experience a much more personal and comfortable one. When you have guests over, you don’t have to worry about trying to move audio equipment into the dining area, for example, and neither do you have to turn the music up so that it can be heard wherever you are. Now you can simply switch on your audio system and enjoy the music wherever you are.
Designing Your Home


We use so much technology and electrical devices within our homes that it’s good to have as many sockets and outlets as possible. In modern homes, that can also extend to your outside space. It is possible to install outdoor outlets which are protected from the elements and entirely safe to use, and which will allow you to use your media devices, laptop, phone charger, or anything else in the yard. You can even use these outlets to install yard lighting or plug in an electric lawnmower.
Designing Your Home


A mudroom is a great idea if you find that your kids and pets tend to track mud through the house when they get home. A mudroom is an additional room that everyone can enter by and leave their shoes in. You can even have a hose right by the door so that muddy boots can be cleaned as much as possible before going inside, or you could have a sink in the room with a hand-held water sprayer faucet. You can get creative to maximize on the space and look online for some handy ideas.
Glen Bell’s DEX Studio architecture practice shared with us the gorgeous images of their The Keeshen house project. The beautifully designed home is located in South California’s Mar Vista, discover the full project on our

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INTERIOR DESIGN: How to Turn a Bathroom Into a Tasteful Space

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Bathroom Into a Tasteful Space
When you’re designing your home, your focus will naturally be drawn to the places you spend the most of your time, such as your kitchen, bedroom or the living room. However, there is a room in your house that deserves just as much stylistic attention as any other – the bathroom. While it is a largely functional room, this doesn’t mean you have to skimp on being chic and bang on trend. With a few simple and lovely touches here and there, you can create a bathroom that is both functional and luxurious, useful and beautiful. Getting started is easy with these simple steps that will get your creative juices flowing and your designer mind engaged.


The first thing to do when designing a tasteful bathroom is to focus on how it looks. It doesn’t have to mean doing a big re-painting job or ripping out your bath, but instead, it can be achieved through little fashionable touches that act as accents to the room. By choosing items, such as storage baskets, that either match or complement each other, you will soon have created a coherent and fresh style to your bathroom without breaking the bank or taking up a lot of your time.
Bathroom Into a Tasteful Space
If you do decide to re-paint to match your new items while working on the new interior design, for example, remember to choose a colour that is light and neutral to make the most of the natural light. Consider using pastel tones like blue or purple that add some subtle elegance to the space. As well as this, if you have a small bathroom, adding some mirrors will create the illusion of more space and allow your bathroom to also be a useful dressing room or make-up studio.


In a bathroom, because it is a practical room, you need to have something to create a pleasing aroma. Most bathrooms have a cheap, store-bought air-freshener that falls short of doing a good job and looks bulky, cheap or tacky and out of place. For a tasteful bathroom, it is worth investing in a quality home fragrance from a high-end brand such as Pairfum London. Alongside having the pleasing perfume filling your bathroom, going with a brand means that the fragrance will come in an elegant bottle that you can proudly display without ruining the look of your bathroom, as opposed to hiding an ugly, pressurized can of air freshener in the cupboard.
Bathroom Into a Tasteful Space


Bathrooms are naturally damp and humid places, which makes finding a good solution to this problem, which is also stylish, can initially seem like a hard task. However, one way of fixing this is to bring the outdoors inside by finding plants suitable for the bathroom. Placing a fern or spider plant in the bathroom will add a splash of life and colour to the space, as well as having the practical benefits of improving the air quality and decreasing the likelihood of damp.
With these three simple steps, you will be well on your way to having the bathroom of your dreams.
The stunning images feature AVOCADO BATHROOM designed by the talented BOUNDARY SPACE design practice – read our exclusive interview with the team.