Monday, May 22, 2006

Galantine of Free Range Chicken with Forest Mushrooms and Foie Gras

Ingredients: Yield: 1 Portion

80 g. Free range chicken
20 g. Forest mushrooms
10 g. Foie Gras
20 g. Celeriac
5 g. Mayonnaise
1 g. Mustard
30 g. Standard salad mix


Make galantine with the forest mushrooms, the chicken and the foie gras.
De-bone the chicken remove all the bones but keep the skin whole. The meat from the legs is used to make a mousse. Then flatten the breasts in between 2 layers of cling film until half a centimetre.
To make the mousse: 1 kg. Chicken meat, 4 egg whites, 500 g. slightly whipped cream. Mince the chicken meat, add the egg whites and whiz in the robo-coupe. Place in the fridge for 2 hours and then whiz in the cream, season with pepper 10 g., salt 15 g. and nutmeg 5 g., little cayenne pepper, 1 g.
Place some cling-film on a table top, the flat chicken on top, spread with mousse and sprinkle some mushrooms on top. Place the foie gras in the middle and fold over. Roll the galantine in the film and closed the size, squeeze. Then poach the galantines for 45 minutes in simmering water.
Remove and leave to cool overnight.
Slice thin slice of the galantine and place round shaped on the plate.
In the middle place a little tower of celeriac remoulade:
Chop in fine julienne the celeriac; mix with pepper, salt and mayonnaise.
Drizzle a little nut oil on the galantine and place some walnuts around as decoration.
Standard salad mix: just a mix of different kinds of salad leaves, plucked in very small pieces mixed together with herbs of many different kinds.

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