Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oma Liekens KNORR, Grand Ma Liekens’s “Knorr”

This was one of my granmothers favorite recipes!

2 large endives, green ones, cut in strips, nowadays a good bitter salad leaf is also fine like radiccio or "white pissanlit"

1 kg. Potatoes, cut in dice, pre-boiled

400 gr. smoked bacon cut in cubes, pre-boiled

Panfry the bacon in some pork fat till golden. Take out the bacon cubes and bind the fat and the juices with the juice of one lemon. For the taste one can also use sherry vinegar. Then bind the sauce with a little corn startch. Add the raw endives, the potatoes and the bacon and stir everything very loosly, serve immediately.

This is great if you replace the lemon juice with a speciality vinegar or even a fruit beer or an aged geuze beer.

The dish is best with a perfectly served Geuze...



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