Monday, September 26, 2011

Survey: Attitudes and Behaviours of Frequent Business Travellers

Sep 26, 11 | 12:09 am

Productivity On The Road:
Seventy-eight percent  indicated that a comfortable work environment enhances their productivity on the road. Key factors involved in finding comfort in their hotel selection include:
  • Staying in an environment that makes them feel at home (54%).
  • Hotel design that offers homelike features such as welcoming d├ęcor (44%).
  • Spacious rooms are of high importance (51%). 
  • A quiet hotel experience (40%).
Eighty-two percent base their hotel selection around amenities such as free high-speed Internet, free breakfast, and rewards programs. 
Hotel Booking:

  • More than half turn to the Internet or phone first to book their travel. Of those, 61 percent head directly to a hotel website, travel website (56%), or mobile device (13%), before picking up the phone or working with a travel agent.
  • Seventy-six percent r arely or never spend more than USD 200 per night on a hotel.

  • Ninety percent say free high-speed Internet access is the most important amenity in their hotel accommodation, followed by a hot breakfast (70%).
  • To enhance in-room productivity, guests recommended more electrical outlets/in-desk outlets (67%) and adjustable desk chairs (55%).
Family and Work/Life Balance:

  • While productivity remains a priority, 61 percent say family and friends is the biggest sacrifice they make while on the road.
  • Work/life balance is a factor in company travel policies-51 percent of companies allow for premium services for extended travel, and 50 percent allow for use of travel alternatives to existing company travel policies.


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