Sunday, October 23, 2011

Makes no sense

Today, a 16 year old immigrant entered a house and held the owner hostage. The owner had to open the safe and give the money, or whatever the thieves wanted.
The owner, a hero, got a knife and could chase the thugs away, stabbing one of theme.
The owner is now prosecuted for murder. He defended himself and what he worked for.
Later in the day we was pulled over to stop for a convoy of police and a van carrying some criminals... we the loyal, tax paying civilians had to stop on our way and this for a thieve or rapist or whatever criminal.
We pay for that convoy with the tax that the government takes from us.
Then we had to stop for a convoy of money...
From the bank that just stole ours in a bankruptcy..., so we lost our savings there and then:
The government that stole our money with demanding exorbitant tax saved the bank using the tax money...
We were then stopped to let pass a convoy of government officials on their way to create a government, because we still don´t have one... we are paying for this with our tax money.
So in the end we finally get to where we needed to be but the place is gone, bankrupt because the bank did not want to lend some money for needed renovation.
However next door a brand new facility is being build for ... asylum seekers... you guessed it, with tax money...

So this does not make sense anymore.

We here think that criminals or their families should pay for their mishaps themselves, their transport, the trial costs, the jail costs, the cost of all what the criminal in costs induces on our community.
Like waste... we have to pay for the collection of our waste too.
Criminals should pay for themselves, from the criminal act till jail, and they will not get free if everything is paid for.
The same for asylum seekers, let them pay for their shelters.
If they cant pay, they can work, and with their work they pay for their stay here. Whatever work the community needs.
Criminals can work or be forced to work too if they cannot pay for the costs they have inflicted on our community.
Government officials should be forced to act on behalf of their electorate; for free, out of conviction.
And loyal citizens should get priority, everywhere and always.

But at least WE should not be paying for all this.

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