Friday, January 27, 2012


Prices, Price Elasticity and Demand
Finding highlight: In the mature U.S. lodging market, the primary expectation of hotels from their distribution channel partners will be in shifting demand share, rather than generating new incremental demand.
· Individual Channel Profiles
Finding highlight: continues to capture a larger share of both the absolute number of rooms booked and the percentage of total rooms booked in year-over-year comparisons representing (in 2010) 16.4 percent of the demand and 18.5 percent of the revenue. OTA share of room night bookings grew substantially in 2010 over 2009, representing almost 11 percent of all room night demand and 7.7 percent of the revenue. GDS share of room nights grew steadily in 2010 capturing 8.3 percent of the room nights and 10.8 percent of the room revenue. The share of the voice channel dropped slightly in 2010 but rose again by June of 2011 to 13.7 percent of room demand and 17.3 percent of room revenue.
· Marketing and Distribution Strategy
Finding highlight: The three greatest emerging forces in online distribution are: search, social media and mobile. These new media are rapidly becoming popular points of entry for travel shoppers.

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