Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Trends in Hospitality

Trend no. 6 : blending of hospitality and health care
Although health care structures and financing vary substantially
from nation to nation, it has become clear that the core
principles of hospitality management apply to health care and
assisted living facilities just as they do to hotels. In the USA, for
instance, we know of two major hospitals that have managers
who were formerly with the Ritz-Carlton Company. Likewise, an
offshoot of Hyatt Hotels is a major operator of lifecare

communities. Presentations by these industry executives
at a recent industry roundtable highlighted the key element
of this trend, which is to instill a culture of hospitality that
acknowledges and values all stakeholders. When managers set
the tone for the organization, not only does employee turnover
diminish, but patients’ health is often improved.

Source: EHL Jearbook 2012
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