Saturday, June 30, 2012

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Bed and Breakfast emerging in Europe

The phenomenon of bed & breakfast is flourishing in Europe. Research showed that during the past five years, many B&B’s were started. On January 5 2012, passed the milestone of 50,000 B&B’s in Europe.
The B&B-branch in Europe is relatively young: only 15% of the bed & breakfasts in Europe were started before the year 2000. A large majority (59%) started in 2006 or later.* Every month, an average 2,400 B&B’s are added on These are partially already longer existing, and partially new accommodations. Number 50,000 was Bed & Breakfast Ai Vicere [ ] in the Italian city of Palermo, Sicily.
“Many homeowners have plans to start a B&B. The current economic crisis may very well play a role in this. A B&B can be a welcome extra source of income. Besides, the success of other bed & breakfasts catches on”, says Hanny Hoedemaker, founder of
For an overnight stay in a B&B in Europe, a guest pays an average EUR 74, – for 2 persons, including breakfast. A standard double hotel room can easily cost one hundred euro or more. Thanks to the favourable value for money, the charming, small-scale bed & breakfasts are becoming ever more popular with a wide audience.
Starter guide To meet the demand for information about starting a bed & breakfast, mid-2012 BBE will publish a European B&B starter guide. BBE also launched the website B&B for sale ( [ ]) at the end of 2011. Here you find an overview of bed & breakfast properties in Europe that are for sale.

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