Sunday, June 10, 2012


Monscierge – Right Time, Right Place, Right Solution For Hoteliers And Their Guests

I had the pleasure of speaking with Monscierge CEO (Chief Experience Officer) Marcus Robinson this morning to learn more about Monscierge and what this interactive technology has to offer hotels and their guests.
I initiated the call because I believe that this technology is one of the most cutting-edge yet practical solutions that can connect hoteliers with their guests and it appears, from what I’ve read, they’ve exceeded their customer’s expectations.
“Monscierge offers a cutting-edge technology that fits our brand and goal to cater to current and future generations of guests.” – Renaissance Oklahoma City Convention Center Hotel & Spa
“It’s all those things the guests truly want right at their fingertips and more convenient than our business center.” – Residence Inn Bricktown
“The thing that set Monscierge touch screens apart for us, is that we saw this as an opportunity to enhance our traditional concierge service.” – Grand Hyatt Washington DC
So let’s take a look at what’s under the hood.
Your Recommendations – Hotels can provide their guests with information and insight on where to shop, dine, and explore.
Hotel Amenities – Guests can access on-site hotel amenities 24/7.
Guest Usage Analytics – Allows the hotel to know what guests want so they can tailor their offerings based upon guest feedback.
Interactive Surveys – Provides hotels with instant guest feedback.  (See my side story below)
Notifications – Want to know if your room is ready or if your FedEx package arrived? The hotel can instantly provide that and other information to their guests through text, email, smartphone, tablet or “push” notifications.
Offers – If business is slow in the restaurant or bar, notifications and special offers can be sent directly to hotel guests.
Room Service – There’s an app for that.
Social Postcards – Guests can send a digital postcard to family and friends (with the hotel’s brand included).
Maps – Custom digital maps that can be sent directly to a guest.
Valet – Guests can arrange to have their car delivered when they are ready.
Boarding Passes – Check flight status and print boarding passes.
Social Networks – Tweet, post, Pin It applications.
Multilingual – Provides guests with multilingual information.
All this can be accessed in the lobby of the hotel as provided on a 42″ interactive touch screen, iPad, and iPhone (I assume the app will be available on Android and other tablets soon).  The hotel can even connect meeting rooms and conference space to an event or activity information.
How is all of this put together?  The hotel has a console where they can manage, update, and customize the information that they want to provide to their guests.  Hotels can create their own recommendations on where to eat, shop, and what attractions to take in.  What’s important here is that the hotel controls the content so guests won’t see any aggregated information from third-party sites AND it’s created through “point and click” technology.
Here’s a side story that got my attention and deserves to be shared.
One of their clients had a challenge with ongoing construction within the immediate vicinity of their hotel and guests were sometimes challenged with access to the hotel.  The Monscierge customer service team noticed guest comments regarding the situation, contacted the hotel, and provided a solution that allowed the hotel to notify guests prior to their arrival so it no longer would be an issue.
I’ve often said that hoteliers are “two-years behind the curve” as it relates to their adoption of new technology (I was told yesterday that I understated the number of years) and for the most part have earned that reputation because they are hesitant to step out, take a leap of faith, and invest in solutions that their guests expect and deserve.
So when you get a call from Monscierge, stop what you’re doing, pick up the phone, and say yes!
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