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Posted: 04 Aug 2012 03:00 PM PDT

Denis Hennequin, Chairman and CEO of Accor, and Luc Chatel, France’s Minister of National Education, Youth and Voluntary Organizations, has signed a major five-year partnership which aims to increase the employability of Accor’s employees, enhance the appeal of hotel and restaurant professions for young people and boost the efficacy of professional training through better interaction between schools and companies.
This partnership follows on from the framework agreement signed by the Hotel-Restaurant industry. It is the concrete expression of Accor’s drive to intensify its on-going and effective cooperation with the French Ministry of National Education, to commit to ambitious objectives and to expand its initiatives across the whole of France.
“Through this unprecedented partnership with the French Ministry of National Education, Accor is committing to sharing its unique expertise as the world’s leading hotel operator and improving the information to young people about of the wealth of hotel industry’s professions. The agreement also formalizes the group’s determination, since its inception, to promote the professional skills of its employees and use training as a vector for progress and social innovation,” announced Denis Hennequin, Chairman and CEO of Accor.
To enhance employability and recognition of the hotel industry professions, Accor will help 100 employees obtain VAE (Validation of Learning from Experience) certifications, a system that gives employees access to qualifications (a diploma) recognized by the French National Education system.
By creating its own corporate university as early as 1985, Accor made employee training a key focus of its growth policy and effort to attract and develop talent to support its expansion in France and internationally. Accor Academy, with its 17 campuses, is the top international hotel school with 135,000 trainees, or over 327,000 days of training a year and the driving force behind the “career ladder” policy that has characterized Accor since its inception.
As part of this agreement, the group is targeting French high schools (offering general secondary education, and technical and vocational education) with communication campaigns to raise pupils’ awareness of the uniqueness and diversity of the hotel-restaurant industry professions: creation and distribution of information through ONISEP (the French national office for information on higher education and professions), 30 guided visits of hotels for 100 young people deciding which higher education courses to follow and professions to choose, creation of films about the hotel industry professions, organization of half-day individual insertion programs and open table discussions, etc.
To help the insertion and professionalization of young people, Accor has committed to taking 3,500 trainees every year, to organizing recruitment preparation workshops and to helping organize practical work sessions inside schools.
Accor also plans to continue its efforts to assist French National Education personnel. With this in mind, every year, it will provide educational material as well as a two-day training course for 30 teachers on the hotel industry’s changing professions, for example revenue management and distribution. Visits and full immersion traineeships in hotels will also be offered for teachers.
Through its cooperation with the French National Education system, Accor will also help adapt and create new educational courses that account for the changes and developments within the industry and the advent of new professions.
Source: Accor

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