Saturday, January 05, 2013


My Secret Garden

'My Secret Garden is like a soul which each of us has and in which you can store your entire past, your secrets, your pain and your expectations. You fence off this space with fences to be yourself. You have no choice. Your mind is limited and the world is incommensurable, so you need to set boundaries without limiting yourself. Every time you stroll through your own Secret Garden and spend some time in it you will become stronger. It amounts to daring to become aware of yourself in the confrontation with who you are and were. Everyone has their own Secret Garden. And you need to spend enough time in it. Some people like to roam endlessly around their empty garden. Entering this confrontation with yourself is a part of your life.There were many detours in my life. Today I realize that they were not fortuitous or meaningless. Now I see the bigger structure of my choices. They all fit in with my own Secret Garden. I believe that everyone has his life in his own hands. You can be who you want to be. You need a good dose of pugnacity to do that, that much is certain. You yourself are the biggest challenge in your own life.

'My Secret Garden", a symbol for the mind and thoughts of the artist, this is a safe garden in which all the surroundings and his world are faced with limits. In a Secret Garden everything is hidden and there is no possibility of sharing things with another person. The fenced-off area stands for everything that cannot be touched by strangers. This gives rise to questions, such as: What happens if a strange element suddenly appears in my fenced-off area? Can a stranger walk around in my protected zone? Can I share the area that I consider to be my personal resting zone with others? Up to where does my freedom reach? When do I regard someone as an intruder in my personal domain?

Arne Quinze's work offers people a framework to contemplate for a moment and think about how they live and organize their lives with regards to others, the familiar and the unfamiliar. The purpose of his work is to stimulate people to reflect about how they are, what their general characteristics are and where their boundaries lie and in this way lead to more insight in the inner self.


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