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Check your flight status through a display in the floor. Touch a transparent screen to open your closet. Flick a finger and modify wall decorations.
A new video presentation from SerranoBrothers Design Studio, headquartered in Lleida, Spain, offers an intriguing preview of the hotel room of the future.
And the designers say their surreal vision isn't far from being reality.
Along with Spain's Instituto Tecnol√≥gico Hotelero (ITH), SerranoBrothers presented their futuristic design -- the ITH Room Xperience -- at Spain's International Tourism Fair (FITUR) in January.
Interactive floor: We're not sure how to say OK yet.
The room design emphasizes user interactivity and flexibility of decor and space. Even the floors are interactive.
"We opt for a room with the ability to transform itself according to guest needs and their experiential expectations," said Diego Serrano, co-founder of SerranoBrothers Design Studio. "That is also a challenge in itself, that technology should resolve the ability of a space to adapt to different situations, roles, times of day, moods, etc." 
Among highlights is an adjustable wall that responds to user orders. 
The "eye" window is opened with adjustments to the stretched fabric."All of the proposed walls are made of a stretched fabric covering," said Serrano. "Through proximity sensors or remote control the wall opens to provide access to basic services to the room (such as) closets, mini-bar and windows." 
The design brings together technologies, gadgets, software and furniture already available on the market. Examples include the Microsoft Surface Table, Roca's avant-garde W+W toilet/sink and a Roca radio mirror. 
The designers acknowledge that their vision won't be practical in many hotels.
Serrano says that although he has no doubt the design can become a reality, he recognizes the extremes presented by the prototype room won't be universally practical.
"When implementing this project in an actual space, we will most definitely filter some of the technology we've exhibited in order to avoid being excessive and to provide a more manageable experience to the user," said Serrano. "One that isn't so overwhelming."
Would you like to stay in the hotel room of the future or find the design overwhelming? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.
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