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Most Annoying Things about Hotel Rooms

Mar 01, 13 | 12:02 am
By Kate Schneider
THERE'S nothing like the feeling of walking into your hotel room after a long journey to be met with a jaw-dropping view and amazing furnishings. But what about the times you're left underwhelmed?
A hotel room can make or break your holiday. While the vast majority of hotel rooms I've stayed in have been wonderful, there have been times I was left wondering 'what were they thinking'?
Here are 16 of the most puzzling and disappointing hotel moments I've had. What are yours? Tell us below.

Shower over the toilet

This layout makes trying to get clean after a long day travelling quite challenging. That's right - at a hotel in Auckland, New Zealand, the shower was positioned above the toilet. It left me trying to wash while avoiding accidentally touching the toilet bowl with my leg. Not to mention that the water that ran over my feet also went up against the toilet, as it all swirled in together. Ewww. That's why you always bring thongs...
Blocked drains, clogged toilets and leaking seals around the doors to the shower can also lead to a headache. 

Is that it?

It can be very disappointing when the hotel room ends up looking nothing like what you've been promised. That awesome view of the beach is actually a swamp and that modern-looking, bright and spacious room is actually a decrepit run-down box.

Surprise extra fees

Ever heard of "resort fees"? Well stay in Vegas and you'll quickly become accustomed to them. One Vegas hotel assured me there would be no other fees payable on my account, which I'd booked through a third party. However upon checkout days later an extra few hundred dollars had magically appeared on my bill. Don't be afraid to challenge these fees if you weren't notified of them.
Also beware the $80 "holding fee" - an amount "frozen" by some hotels for damage or to replace items you may have taken from the mini-bar - which I've had taken out of my account by a hotel without being notified.  I only discovered what it was about after calling up to find out why the amount had been deducted.

Pushy - and snoopy - maids

Sometimes I actually like to sleep in, but maids have other ideas. On one occasion I'd hung out the do-not-disturb sign on the door the night before and was enjoying a sleep-in when, at 8am, the knocking and yelling "housekeeping" began. It continued persistently for two hours, each time I fell back to sleep it would start up again.
I do have a lot of respect for hotel maids, who often have a lot to do in little time, but some are just too keen. Take for example the maid at one Abu Dhabi hotel, who went into a room despite a drunken guest still being asleep in it and tidied up around him, even removing the clothing lying on the bed next to him and folding it up. He awoke dazed and surprised at his surroundings. He'll remember to lock the door next time!

Parking, what parking?

A lack of parking options close by can be another downside to hotels. Just as frustrating is the extra fee you'll often have to pay for valet parking when it's the only feasible option. You can also face a half-hour wait for your car to be returned to you - and it can be worse during peak times.

Early check-outs and breakfasts

Having to beg for a late checkout, say 11am, and sometimes having to wait until the morning of your checkout to find out if you've secured it or not, can be frustrating. For many the whole point of a hotel stay is to relax and sleep in, not rush out. The same goes for breakfast, which often finishes so early you miss out.
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