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Westin Will Take Its Rentable Workspaces Worldwide

March 20, 2013 at 11:32 AM | by  Comments (0)
When Westin Hotels rolled out their rentable workspaces last May we were relieved to hear of a place where we could get real work done that didn't involve the endless grind of coffee beans or the perpetual smell of greasy french fries. The only bummer was that the workspaces, then called Project Hive, were available in just two hotels--The Westin Boston Waterfront and The Westin Arlington Gateway Hotel. But now that's about to change.
Westin has announced that they will roll out more of these cool workspaces around the world to more than 40 Westin hotels. They are also ditching the name Project Hive in favor of the moniker Tangent. However, the workspace concept will remain the same with each work zone featuring media:scape by Steelcase technology, video conferencing, TVs, printers, sound systems, Xbox 360s, floor to-ceiling whiteboards, wired and wireless internet for no additional fee and lots of outlets for all your gadgets.
What we like the best is the spaces can be booked by the hour at a moment's notice. Sayonara uncomfortable lobby seats, we'll be kicking it at Tangent.
[Photo: Westin Hotels]

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