Thursday, September 07, 2006

Basic Dressing

Basic Vinaigrette


5 dl. Extra virgin olive oil,
5 dl. Grape-seed Oil
50 ml. Sesame Oil
50 ml. Walnut Oil
1 dl. Red wine vinegar
1 dl. Tarragon vinegar
1 dl. Raspberry vinegar
1 dl. Balsamique vinegar
2 dl. Veal stock
2 dl. Chicken Stock
10 g. Pepper
20 g. Salt


Mix all the vinegars together in a bowl, with a whisk and add the pepper and the salt.
Whisk the oil inside but do not mix as if for a dressing (no mixer or paco jet).
Pour back in the empty olive oil bottles and mix when needed by juggling the bottle.
This dressing keeps very easy in the fridge.
Adding extra oils can be done by adding them to the dressing directly or by sprinkling the oils on top of the salad/fish/meat afterwards.

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