Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Column 6 The Different Oils

Food For Thought
Due to some requests from some readers where to find and what fatty acids are available in which oils, I have compiled a list of the most important oils and their omega contents. I have translated the English in 4 languages so virtually everybody can now go and look for the right oils to be consumed.
Here is the list:
The Different Oils and the Balance Omega 3 Fats to Omega 6 Fats, per 100g.
English: Flax oil 55300mg 1 / 4 Pure omega 3 source
Dutch: Vlas zaad olie
German: Lein Ol
French: Huile de grains de Lin
Lithuanian: Linų sėklų aliejus
Flax seeds 16400mg 1 / 4 THE best source of omega 3 and natural French: Grains de Lin substances
English: Rape Oil 8600mg 2 / 1 The IDEAL OIL; high concentration of
Dutch: Koolzaad olie mono unsaturated fats and omega 3 fat
German: Raps Ol
French: Huile de Colza
Lithuanian: Rapsų aliejus
English: Hemp seed oil 19000mg 3 / 1 Has been in use for 100rds of years and has Dutch: Hennepzaad olie a very nutty taste
German: Hanf Ol
French: Huile de Chanvre (Hashish)
Lithuanian: Kanapių aliejus
English: Walnut Oil 13400mg 4 / 1 The pure taste maker
Dutch: Walnoten olie
German: Walnus Ol
French: Huile de Noix
Lithuanian: Graikinių riešutų aliejus
Walnuts 7000mg 4 / 1 Potent package holding: anti-oxidants,
Noix vitamins, minerals, omega 3 fats
From all nuts they hold the most omega 3 fatty acids
English: Wheat Germ Oil 8900mg 6 / 2 The oil with the most vitamin E, ideal for
Dutch: Tarwekiem olie good stability of the unsaturated fats
German: Weitsenkiem Ol
French: Huile de Germes de Ble
Lithuanian: Kviečių aliejus
English: Soy oil 7600mg Good source still for omega 3 but too much
Dutch: Soya Olie omega 6, Rape oil would be better
German: Soja Ol
French: Huile de Soja
Lithuanian: Sojos aliejus

Other aromatic oils:
Hazelnut Oil
Avocado Oil
Pumpkin seed Oil
Sesame seed Oil
Almond Oil
Pistachio Oil
Macadamia Oil
Grape seed Oil
Basil Oil
Unrefined Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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