Friday, July 22, 2011

Pasta Alfredo

Probably the simplest and most difficult dish in pasta space...

You need fresh butter and I prefer salted, at room temperature
You need finely grated or shaved (with my new tool it works perfect) parmesan cheese, nice parmesan cheese, the one from your favorite cheese store.
You need pasta, long pasta, any kind really but for me it works best in my mouth with very thing angel hair pasta.

To boil the pasta I use some chicken stock, as it adds to the final dish... add abay leaf for the kitchen fragrance and a drop of olive oil.

Cut the butter in small cubes, place in a large bowl. In the ancient recipe from around the 50 ies they used a an amptied parmesan shell... which in some restaurants is still done today.

Shave the parmesan, but this not coarse but very very fine with a grated or shaver, I have one of those new american kind shavers that makes for extremely fine whooly parmesan shavings... THE MAX!!


When your pasta is "al dente" take it out of the boiling water with a pasta tool and drop the pasta still dripping in the bowl with the butter and stirr arround. The butter and hot liquid will emulsify... This adds to the sticcky reaction the parmesan will have on the pasta!

Then gently add hand by hand the shaved parmesan one turn of pasta at the time and serve immediatelly!

Sprinkle with some more parmesan at will, some pepper...mmmmm!

For the taste gurus, you can add some truffle slices or some panfried mushrooms, when in season.
The real guys amongst us eat this dish plain!

A good bottle of red and FEAST!


Watjou for Cherto

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  1. Excellent Wouter, I will try this technique this week!