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Food For Thought
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Fats however are very important to the body. There are and we need, many different kinds and this diagram will show you what kind of fats there are:
Quick Diagram of the Different Fats (very much simplified!):

Animal/Some Vegetable:                  
Saturated Fats
                                                            Unsaturated Fats                                 

                        Simple Unsaturated Fats                       Multiple Unsaturated Fats

                        (Mono)                                                (Poly)

Long Chained Essential Fats:                 Omega 6 Fats                                       Omega 3 Fats
                                                            Linoleic Acids                                       Alpha Linoleic Acids
Fabricated Fats:
Degenerated Fats or
Hardened “Trans” Fats
Visit: for explanations on the different kinds of fatty acids.
Anyway, all this doesn’t matter if you are not interested, for those who are I will reveal that with the explorations I have done, YOU can make a difference in the way you live, eat and when you will depart from this earth.
Some of the reasons behind our current fat intake:
Our fat intake has been very much disturbed over the last 200 years: Domestication of animals, the growing of only certain seeds, grains and plants, the farming of fish, the raising of cattle in stables and the industrialization of the food making companies; the food industry. All these developments have contributed that in Northern Europe two thirds of the population suffer from heart and blood diseases or related diseases, are obese or have other forms of deficiencies and auto immune disease problems like arthritis or asthma. These are in direct relationship to the fat intake and the way we eat in general.
Interesting I think that in the span of only 100 years so much could go wrong. What exactly is wrong then? Certain plants and seeds are not eaten regularly anymore due to the over supply in other food products. Omega 6 holding plants like wheat, corn and grains have taken over from the omega 3 holding plants and seeds. They are after all easy to plant and harvest, whereas green leafy vegetables and wild edible plants are exactly more difficult to cultivate.
Similar with raising of cattle. Most animals do not see a field anymore where they can graze. The industry allows the animals to be fed with grains and corn in order to get them faster fat and up to slaughter weight. Again reducing with this the intake of omega 3 fatty acids and adding to the omega 6 fatty acids. Animal fat in general is bad for the body. It is unsaturated fat and stays virtually solid in the bloodstream. This causes the veins to get clogged up. So one of the first things I changed in my diet was the eating of meat in general. And if I would eat meat it would be lean clear meat with as less fat as possible on it. For baking I would use only olive oil or high grade rape oil, both oils holding more omega 3 and vitamin E rendering it stable for baking and cooking.
What is important to know is that the essential fatty acids are very important to the body and should be taken into the body in a balanced way. At the moment too much animal fats and omega 6 are taken into the body. What the implications are thereof we will see next time.


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