Saturday, September 17, 2011

Prepare for the Future

Prepare for the Future

Table of Content

1. Work Virtually

Office life will become more and more IT integrated.
Working with Avatars or Holograms is already real life now
What about chatting and video conferencing with people from around the globe
So know your IT

2. Become a Master

Become master in one field and one field only. There is too much competition on the global labour market. So face it when you are too general in education or skill you will not succeed.

3. Become independent (Micro Companies)

The so called one person company will gain ground and field on normal employment. Large companies will tend to become even larger. Most creative specialists will not want to work for those mammoths. They rather choose to work short periods as independents on projects for larger companies.
Large companies will also choose several specialist micro companies from around the globe to work together on projects.

4. Find a "Posse"

“In group strong”
There will be less competition and more cooperation. As micro entrepreneur it will become highly necessary to have a group of fellow specialists available. This group will help and interact with each other in order to finalise projects easily and in time.
This creative, professional network will become highly efficient as cooperation and sharing will prevail rather then competing.
A group of wolves hunt better in group.

5. Be part of an idea group

The above mentioned professional network of same field professional “micropreneurs” will not be sufficient. A group of persons with different backgrounds, interests, professions and skills will equally be necessary. The best ideas will come from interacting and working with these persons. Ideas will be important in creating new business ventures. Ideas will equally become a point of measure for success.

6. Investeer in Helende Vriendschappen

Due to lack of emotional contact the danger exists of becoming lonely. The lack of contact comes largely from the fact that families will live across the globe and often are disrupted and due to the IT interference. Virtual work and lack of family ties will become endemic. The nurturing and feeding of deep friendships the investment will be necessary in the future in order to remain focussed and emotionally sane.

Ideas from Trends Augustus 2011, Benny Debruyne
Adapted by Watjou

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