Thursday, September 22, 2011

Social Media And Guest Feedback

Here are a few suggestions for handling social media ambush with the grace and aplomb of a consummate hotelier.
  • Monitor review sites and social networks closely. Even if you aren't active on them many of your guests likely are.
  • Respond quickly to all feedback, positive or negative.
  • If comments are negative, attempt to take it offline.
  • When responding to negative reviews and commentary, always thank, apologize, explain, invite back and follow-up. No excuses, and no bribes.
  • If guests are still on property, don't let them leave until you've won them over. Convert twerrorists into twadvocates, so to speak.
  • If comments are offensive, abusive or repetitive, you have the option of ignoring them. Tweets have the shelf life of tuna sushi in the desert sun; Facebook wall posts can be deleted. Sanitize, but don't censor.
  • A social media policy and guidelines will help minimize risks and prepare you to act swiftly to minimize fallout.
  • The more helpful and engaged employees are with guests the more likely guests will be to bring issues to their attention before logging on to Facebook.
  • Fight negative with positive by rallying supporters and focusing on generating favorable feedback.

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  1. Some good points here.
    I agree on point No 3