Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stop! Look! and Listen! | ehotelier.com News Archives

Stop! Look! and Listen! | ehotelier.com News Archives

  1. Super fast, reliable and suitably priced Internet access (Wired and/or Wireless). Wireless is the 1st choice for most people, with the ability to connect multiple devices, and for free.
  2. A well-lit room with simple controls.
  3. Power sockets, power sockets and more power sockets. And please, don't kill the power to all of them when I leave the room. Guests also like USB power sockets so an adaptor is not required.
  4. Temperatures that can be easily controlled - Up and Down.
  5. A place to work - as in a Desk. But note - people work anywhere and everywhere today - so understand that, be sympathetic and flexible, and provision for it with power sockets and Wi-Fi.
  6. And as for the TV, include 24-hour news channels, Sports channels and some entertaining TV channels. Most guests don't want or like all the marketing stuff you put on the TV, even if you think they do.

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