Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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News | Cherto | Creative Hospitality Expertise | Optimizing Your Company:

Scent is Important!

Mary Jo Bitner called to life Servicescapes, a term depicting both the physical environment and its effects on customers and employees in a service setting. Her work is largely based on Kotler’s idea of atmospherics. (1973) It is also aimed primarily at the influence the physical environment can have on consumer behavior.

“temperature, Air quality, Lighting, Noise, Scent, Music, Layout, Flooring, Fixtures/Racks, Aisle placement, Signs, Style of d├ęcor.”

“physical stimuli are those aspects of the physical setting that intrude into the [employees] awareness and influence... behavior”

Each stimulus can induce a reaction through the arousal it evoques.

Hence smell one of the most powerfull stimulus of all should be used more to induce reactions from customers.

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