Monday, February 20, 2012

Apps Guys... Apps

Travelport has announced the launch of a new travel application for users of smartphones in the UK and Ireland. The new app represents the mobile debut of Travelport’s hugely successful ViewTrip online itinerary product and is one of the first, fully integrated GDS powered travel itinerary apps available.
ViewTrip Mobile delivers time critical information and other valuable tools to enable travellers to be fully aware and in control of their travel arrangements at any time.
Among the useful features are:
  • Flight status with live flight alerts.
  • Detailed airport and city guides offering easy to digest information.
  • Location aware services – find offers on local restaurants, the location of your nearest bank and much more.
  • Weather forecasts and currency conversion.
  • Itinerary management – easily and quickly add other items to itineraries.

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