Monday, March 19, 2012

Eco Perch Guys...Eco Perch



Introducing the Blue Forest eco-PERCH, an inviting 4 bed retreat that offers guests an exclusive, sustainable self-catering experience.

What does the eco-PERCH offer?

1.) Increase profitability with minimal disruption to your ongoing business (installed in approx. 5 days).

2.) Compliant with the UK Caravan & Mobile Homes Act. 

3.) A sustainable alternative to poor quality permanent caravan & timber lodge accommodation.

4.) Stand out from the crowd.

The Concept:

The eco-PERCH concept is based on Blue Forest’s famous tree houses. It’s natural, organic geometry maximises the relationship between the inside space and the outdoor setting, ensuring the structure sits harmoniously within the landscape.

This versatile accommodation unit offers guests an unrivalled experience and provides clients with a vivid resource for PR and marketing, helping to set them apart from the competition. The building sleeps 4 people and is delivered, assembled and commissioned in approximately 5 days (subject to site preparation). The eco-PERCH design is flexible and can be adapted to suit your site where existing infrastructure is already in place. With options to assemble your building on the ground or in the treetops there are infinite possibilities for creating accommodation with a difference. To simplify the planning requirements the building has been designed to conform with the Caravan & Mobile Homes Act.

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