Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tavira Sal

Flower of Salt

Is the cream of the Atlantic, crystallized in the clean salt pans, situated in the Ria Formosa, utilizing the natural recourses, sea water, sun and wind. Flower of salt is the result of these elements working together forming floating pink crystals which are collected by skimming twice a day with special tools designed by this producer. When collected they are put into a perforated box to drain and dry by the alt pans. Later they are sent to the storage, where they are packaged in various forms for the consumer who obtains a product which is 100% natural.   


The preferential use for this product is in the manufacture of butter, cheese and gourmet foods. Also it can be used before cooking and again on the plate.

The product is totally natural and has unique taste and smell.
When added to food with humidity it dissolves at once, and can also be used on dry food such as chips and vegetables, this gives a very different texture and taste.

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