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Fitt mit Fett
Healthy with Fat or in Fat there is More

Dr. Ulrich Strunz &Andreas Jopp (2002)
Strunz U & Jopp A 2002, Fitt Mit Fett, Wilhelm Heyne Verlag GmbH & Co., Munchen, Germany

1. Introduction

A Longer Life with the Right Kind of Fats
Believe it or not but the truth of healthier and sounder living lies also in eating the right kinds of fat. The secret of Japanese and Mediterranean long-lived life lies in eating the right kinds of fats and oils. This is proven by research and the presence of large numbers of 90 to 100 year olds in those countries.
Problem is that we all eat fat but do not know what they are and how they work in on our bodies, how many different kinds there are and where we get them from.
The common knowledge of fats are outdated; “cholesterol is bad, olive oil is good, animal fats are bad, fat from plants are good, but is this knowledge still enough for a substance or a group of substances that makes out 40% of our diet?

Revolutionary knowledge However:
-          To much oil from plants and margarines are not healthy
-          Cholesterol from our food consumption plays hardly a role in heart-circulatory diseases
-          Hardened fat from plants link the risk for diabetes and multiply the risk for heart-circulatory diseases.
-          The more fatty acids in fish the better it is for the brain and the heart
-          Fatty nuts reduce the risk for heart-circulatory diseases with 40%

We speak here about an oil change or fat change: not necessarily less fat, but the right fats and oils in and the wrong fats and oils out.
Some fatty acids are building blocks for tissue-hormones that regulate everything from anti-inflammation over blood-pressure to the immunity system.
These hormones bring down the risk for heart-circulation diseases tremendously and the degeneration of brain cells.

Fat is good for the brain (makes intelligent) and makes happy, that is, the right fatty acids.
Our brain consists of 60% fat and previously taken for granted that the brain becomes smaller with age is now replaced after thorough studies with; our brain continues to grow…
The fatty substances that are responsible for the grow of the brain are DHA-fats and they are also responsible for making happy and are working against depression. It helps in the production of Serotonin which makes happy and content.
Good fatty acids give the building blocks for the brain, make the nervous system more active and influence the psyche and emotions.
The right fatty acids reduce the risk for diabetes as they influence the cell-structure and cell-membranes.
Bad fatty acids are responsible for rheumatism, arthritis, heart and circulatory diseases, high blood fats, diabetes, heart attacks, depression and bad brain condition.

The food production industry has kept a very tight secret on the production and use of transitional fatty acids (trans fats) or industrial killer fats.

It is also wrong to believe that a low fat diet is good for the body, as it reduces also the intake of necessary healthy fats and oils.

Fact is that with a little knowledge every person can start influencing the intake of good or bad fatty acids, oils and fats, right at the start, there where they are bought.

Eating tips, commercials, marketing or facts
Good meant tips from friends and colleagues of how to eat might be nice but are they scientifically tested?

Is everything written on the packet true or is it just a way to sell you a product?
Diets, do they really work, also in the long run?
Or like in this essay should you rely on:
-          Population studies, demographics etc
-          The facts and outcomes of the Harvard School of Public Health that researched over 167500 people over a period of 14 years.
-          New studies on metabolism

-          Reference: will be made to those studies

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