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Wouter Liekens

Name: Wouter Nelly Kamiel Liekens

Nationality: Belgian

Education: 1984 – 1989: O.L.V. van Lourdes Institute: Humaniora Degree ASO
Courses including 6 hrs Latin, 6 hrs Mathematics per week,
Languages (Dutch, French, German, English), Sciences
1990 – 1992: Hotel School Koksijde: Technical Hotel School Degree A2
Courses including Kitchen and Food Preparation Techniques, Restaurant and Service, Accounting, Organization of a Catering Business, Wine and Food Knowledge, Languages
2005 – 2006: University of Cornell, Master Certificate in the Essentials of Hospitality Management
University of Cornell, Certificate in Foodservice Management
University of Cornell, Executive Leadership Certificate
University of Cornell, Courses in Managing Performance
Since: 08/04: Executive Chef at the Le Meridien Villon Resort and Convention Centre 5*
· Member of the Euro-toques since Jan. 2005
· In charge of developing the different outlets, concentrating on Paysage Restaurant, Café Villon, Room Service and the Banqueting (Complete New Menu Kit), Setting up the Room Service Operation, Creating new menus for all outlets
· Creating new concepts for the expansion of the property
· Helping the owner with marketing analysis for the golf course, real estate development
· In charge of restructuring program of 200000Euro for back of house and front of house,
· Setting up systems and procedures; training plan, hygiene, procedures for service, delivery of food items and purchasing
· Full revision of ALL Hygiene and Safety Standards as per European Law
· Training the members of staff in kitchen and service
03/02 – 08/04: Executive Chef at the Great Wall Sheraton Beijing.5*
· Responsible for the whole Kitchen, brigade of 140 chefs and stewards
· Responsible for the hygiene and safety of the back of house
· 1000 Rooms, 1500 Banquets, 4 Restaurants, Lobby, Bar, Delhi, RS
· Arrived as Executive Sous Chef and was put in charge as acting Executive Chef after 3 weeks, got promoted to Executive Chef the 1st of January 2003
01/01 - 03/02: Executive Sous Chef at the Hyatt Regency Dubai 5*
· Responsible for the daily kitchen operation. Overall responsible in the absence of the Executive chef.
· Controlling the food cost on a daily basis.
· Responsible for recruitment and manning.
· Planning of events and big caterings.
07/99 – 12/00: Chef de Cuisine at the Hyatt Regency Dubai 5*
· July – September ’99 – Chef de Cuisine of Focaccia, 120 seats, Mediterranean restaurant
· Since October ’99 – main responsibility is the day to day Banqueting operation – Ballroom for up to 1400 people, catering for extensive outside caterings, weddings, concerts and sit-downs, dinners for up to 700 persons for the most prestigious balls in Dubai
Café Caravan – 24hrs restaurant, Al Dawaar – revolving restaurant for up to 200 persons
· Organizing the manning, doing the orderings, cooking classes, organizing promotions
· Since August 2000, acting Executive Sous Chef: departmental trainer for the whole kitchen, analyzing and making of menus, in charge of all the ordering; dealing with the suppliers
03/98 – 06/99: Sous Chef at the Royal Garden Hotel London 5*
· With Executive Chef Steve Munkley responsible for a brigade of 40 multicultural chefs, daily production, ordering, training, creating menus and organizing promotions
· Covering Banqueting events for up to 500 covers, restaurant 100 covers, bar and 24 hours room service
· Craft Trainer Award – Jan’ 99, E.Coli Seminar – May ’98
· Multicultural kitchen consisting of Arabic, Asian, French and English dishes
· Best Banqueting Hotel 1999
06/97 – 03/98: Junior Sous Chef in the Windows Restaurant at the London Hilton 5*
· Assisting Chef Jacques Rolancy (“Meilleur Ouvrier de France 1996”) in running the Classical French fine dining kitchen for a restaurant capacity of 100 covers with a kitchen brigade of 18 chefs
· Playing a key role in organizing promotions in Windows kitchen for A. Westerman (Alsace, 3* Guide Michelin) and Marc Meuneau ( Bourgogne, 3* Guide Michelin)
· Departmental trainer for Windows kitchen
· Member of the “Quality Improvement Team” since October 1997 – participated course in:
Achievements in ‘The concept of quality, supporting a winning team, building productive teams and building effective teams’
03/97 – 06/97: Chef de Partie at The Dorchester in London 5*
· Personally arranged cross exposure to gain an overview in the world famous Dorchester Hotel
· Responsible for the fish section with a team of 3 commis, total kitchen brigade of 100 chefs
09/96 – 03/97: Chef de Partie at the London Hilton 5*
· Responsible for fish and vegetable section
09/94 – 08/96: Chef de Partie at the Antwerp Hilton 5*
· Executive Chef Gert Jan Raven – Master Cook of Belgium
· Started in larder section as demi chef, shortly after, promoted to chef de partie on the sauce section – responsible for meat and fish preparation for 4 outlets: gastronomical restaurant of 70 covers, brasserie of 100 covers, room service – 240 rooms, bar
· Key role in organizing ‘Cote d’Opale’ and African promotion
· Employee of the Month March 1995
10/93 – 09/94: Chef de Partie at the Club Prince Albert in Brussels/Belgium
· Military service in Belgium’s most prestigious military catering business
· Responsible for the sauce section in a Classical French Kitchen
· During same period: Casual worker in kitchen and service for a ‘Home Catering Service’ and casual worker in ‘La Maison du Signe’ – 2* Guide Michelin
08/92 – 10/93: Demi Chef at Restaurant ‘Le Sermon’
· Team headed by Master cook Rene Kobbs – proud owner of Michelin star since 23 years
· ‘Le Sermon’ – one of the most classical French Cuisine Restaurants in Belgium
· Responsible for the larder section, after 6 months in charge of hot preparations
05/92 – 08/92: Kitchen Trainee at Restaurant ‘Claude Dupont’ (Relais & Chateaux)
· Traineeship in one of the most prestigious 2* Guide Michelin restaurants of Belgium with Master cook Claude Dupont – Chef - Owner for more than 25 years
1990 – 1992: Casual Trainee at Restaurant ‘Het Villasdal’
· Together with Johan van Raes, Master cook of Belgium – 1* Guide Michelin
· Traineeship during summer 1991 and 1992
1988 – 1990: Casual at Restaurant ‘Lievekenshoek’, French Fine Dining Restaurant
· Casual work to gain an overall picture of the restaurant business
· Worked in stewarding, kitchen and restaurant service
Language skills:
· Dutch Mother tongue
· French Second language
· English Business and Marital Language
· German Fluent
Computer skills:
· Windows and Office XP: Excel, Word, cc mail, e-mail
· Fidelio Food & Beverage, Adaco, Maxial, Micros 9700
· Digital Movie Editing with Pinnacle Systems
· Digital Picture processing
· Craft Trainer Award March 1999
· E Coli Seminar, Basic Food Hygiene Certificate, “Haccp” February 1999
· T.Q.M. (Total Quality Management) Certification with Courses in; The Concept of Quality, Supporting a Winning Team, Building Effective Teams 1998
· Silver award in the Gategourmet Masterclass 1999, Salon Culinaire Heart of England
· Gold Medal for the Identiboard Trophy Food Hygiene 1999
· Best Junior Cook of Belgium 1995, rewarded with Employee of the Month in Antwerp Hilton
· Culinary Regroupation: -Member of the ‘Ordre Internationale des Disciples d’Escoffier’, Nice Branch, since Sept. 15th, 1997 with Andrew Vicarie & Tony Fighiera as ‘pareins’
-Member of the Emirates Culinary Guild, since Mai 2000
-Member of the International Guild of Chefs, Beijing, Since December 2002
-Member of the Euro Toques since Jan 2005
· Member of the International Old Hotel-school Members Union
· 9 years art classes, 4 years music school
· Hobbies: Horse Riding (Jumping), Golf, Sailing, Skiing, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Food and Wine

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