Monday, August 29, 2011


The only way changes really work is when you have the determination to have it changed.
To stop smoking or drinking is not easy as one even after only a couple of smokes and a couple of drinks gets hooked. These drugs are addictive as hell. And very bad for your body. But they create a form of escape which we all sometimes need. Escaping from the escape...
What comes instead, a lot of persons ask themselves...
What is it that I will gain or earn if I stop?
And even better, why should I?
Nobody has to do anything.
I have seen a person killing himself by continuing.
At the deathbed of my grandfather, there was in one of the neighbouring rooms a person dying from diabetes and other diseases as a result of too much alcohol, sugar and smoke.
The guy, overweight had been truck driver for all his life.
Now, in the hospital, the man, robbed from his freedom of driving his way through Europe had become even more depressed.
He had been put on a very special diet as doctors believed he could be saved.
Well, he had decided otherwise.
Whilst a hurdle of chefs would cook him specialised meals, he would go down to the shop at the entrance of the hospital and buy himself one bag of chips, chocolate bars and packets of cigarettes after the other…
The man, even when he knew it was killing him could not stop…
He died before my grandfather

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