Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Networks and Status

10 big claims
1.Networks create social capital for individuals (Burt 1992; Bourdieu1985) and communities (Putnam 2000; Portes& Sensenbrenner 1993)
2.Networks create status (Podolny1993) and category (Zuckerman 1999) differences in markets
3.Network forms of organization are an alternative to markets and hierarchies (Powell 1990)
4.Networks are the defining feature of “innovative regions” such as Silicon Valley (Saxenian1984; Owen-Smith & Powell 2004; Fleming et al 2007)
5.Networks are the locus of innovation in high-technology industries (Powell et. Al 1996; Stuart et. Al 1999; Ahuja2000; Owen-Smith et. al 2002)
6.Networks create trust and increase forebearance(Piore& Sabel1984; Uzzi 1997)
7.Networks inspire conformity in thought and action (Galaskiewicz1991; Mizruchi1992)
8.Networks shape the diffusion of technologies (Rodgers 1962; Coleman et al 1966) and organizational practices (Davis 1991; Strang& Macy 2001)
9.Networks create individual tastes and preferences (Mark 1998)
10.Networks ‘embed’ transactions in a social matrix, creating markets (White 1981; Baker 1984; Granovetter1985)

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